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Logbook entry No5 Highlights vs. Lowlights aka X-MAS greater than COVID-19

by Holger Friedrich 26 Feb 2020
Hi guys, it's been far too long since I took the time out of my new life as #Solopreneur to report and you one #Look behind the scenes to give. Today I would divide the last 10 weeks thematically into HIGHs (+) and LOWs (-) The good news up front (aka Executive Summary) - the highlights beat the lowlights (thank god 🙏) by lengths
+ Black Friday, Ciber Monday, December 1st, December 2nd, December 3rd .. In short - the whole of December was consistently "surreal" (
The Volkmann
that was for you). The average German spends 475 euros on Christmas gifts - and I'm slowly starting to believe that. Our magnetic balls and bread boxes went away like hot cakes ... Unimaginable what numbers 💰 we could have written if we had 10 times that amount in stock. We didn't, so the inevitable happened
- OOS (aka out of stock aka out of stock). As much as you look forward to every single record day, you peek at your inventory range and grieve because you know that you will "run out of steam" 😩
+ Our product selection seems to have been very successful so far. We get good reviews and an unbelievably large amount of feedback from the community (special thanks to all product testers who gave us such outstandingly valuable feedback) only those who ..
- bread boxes 🥖 have kept us on our toes (there is definitely a separate logbook entry for "mysterious box # 140" or "what-can-actually-go-wrong-when-importing-a-product" or something like that is called 🙈😅 #teaser
+ Our Insta launch was very successful - our two competitions were very well received and commented and shared hundreds of times - that is a pleasure but also responsibility to continue to offer exciting content. Special thanks to everyone who sent us recipes for our ebook 🙏 A couple of shy coops with me #Influencers we have also successfully completed 👍 The joy over here is at most through
- anonymous 1 star reviews pressed. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories and think positively, so I am sure that our products will also successfully outperform one or the other sabotage from the competition (thank God you all rate so many positively) 😊)
+ we will continue to grow 😎💪 We are now selling (in the local language 🤓) quite successfully on amazon.IT, amazon.FR, amazon.ES and (with small obstacles) - I also urgently need VRs (aka virtual assistants) that can help me after the
- Representing upcoming surgery (s) on the knee 🥴 Illness in general now has a fundamentally different meaning than before 🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♂️
+ As innovations, I can announce new variations of the XXL balls, new motley color variations of the small neodymium magnets, our macrame project has been relaunched and we have found an Indian supplier for OEKOTEX certified cotton (to be continued ..) and we even made the first purchase - new product, new niche 😎 and very promising # teaser2 😜 So everything could be pink if it weren't for that
- the Corona Virus, which has paralyzed China for weeks and has quarantined our sales reps and workers while we want to place large orders 😴 Nevertheless, I hope that my Mary's, Roxy's, Sky's, Seven's and whatever their names are, come out safe and can go on soon 🤝🏼 #safetyfirst
A special farewell thank you to all of you who have made it this far - commented with a fistbump 👊 and show those out there what you are made of 😎
Bye for now,
Holger 🤙
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