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Logbook entry No3 aka back-around-through-belly-into-eye ­čĄ¬

by Holger Friedrich 16 Aug 2019
The roller coaster ride is on the home straight and is coming to an end that we can live with ­čÖĆ We have collected a whopping 11 (!) Reinstatement Confirmations - but we still have to compromise Ôś«´ŞĆlet in.
The current sets with 216 magnetic balls each will be sold on and Ebay in the future - the processes and systems for this are in preparation ­čĄô We'll keep you up to date.
But in time for the Christmas business, brand new ones will be available #myHodoBalls Sets with 100 magnetic balls per set are on the Amazon shelf ­čÖî These are then also available in a variation with colored balls and a special edition with magnetic cubes (not balls!). Also are #pureHodoBalls Reorder sets in preparation. We will keep you up to date on this as well ­čÄë
Last but not least, we are working on other exciting projects (samples for a completely new product arrived today ­čśÄ), which will also be at the start in time for the Christmas business.
To be continued ... ­čĹ╗
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