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Logbook entry No4 RECAP aka In the end everything will be fine. And if it's not good, it's not the end yet 🙌

by Holger Friedrich 16 Nov 2019
It's hard to believe, it has not been 5 months since my first post .. But what has not happened in the meantime 🤪
Thanks to the exercise ball and DX Racer 1 office chair, my workplace at the dining table can now almost be described as 'ergonomic' 😜
We had to remodel to accommodate samples from all over the world (not just from China ☝️🙃) to accomplish..
We have our own distribution warehouse 😎 (Alexandra Rist 🙌), its own ERP system, a grown network of suppliers and service providers around the globe and goods with the ✈️, with the 🚂 and the 🚢 imported..
We laughed 🤣 (made-in-china at its best - see picture in the comments 🙈😅), Cursed 🤬(@ Amazon seller service, that's for you 😝), almost stumbled .. but never lost sight of our goal💪👊 #Focus 🧘‍♂️
And now we rub our eyes in amazement at how many people buy our products 🙏and reward us for all our efforts .. Customers who give us amazing things 😻 Give feedback (believe me, it-means-us-the-world are not empty words) 🤝 and who have become real fans (who can guess how many #myHodoBalls Pictures sent to us @MacTrybul so far will get a 216 Premium Set) ..
All of this is motivation and an incentive to keep going 🏋️‍♂️ Social media is a huge topic for us 🔝and we are working on a competition 🎁to get a little more range #grow together
Last but not least, there will be new, exciting products in the next few weeks (test buyers wanted 👈) - Black Friday 🛒 is just around the corner - and we are already worried whether our stock will be ready for Christmas 🎄 is sufficient 🤯
With this in mind, forward Frankfurt and a special greeting to everyone who read through to the end 😁🤙
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