Extremely versatile

The practical and easy-care storage baskets made of 100% cotton are extremely versatile. They can be used in the kitchen as bread and roll baskets. In the living room as a fruit basket. Cosmetics, beauty and drugstore products can be stowed away in the bathroom. But all important things for baby care such as diapers, creams and powder can also be deposited at the changing table or in the changing table.

The baskets are available in 3 different sizes, both individually and as a set, so that there is the right one for every application.

The cotton is reinforced fabric (250gsm) so the cups stay upright and don't buckle easily. Nevertheless, they are easily foldable and can be stowed away to save space. In addition, the baskets are reversible and can be converted to a new design as you wish - this ensures fresh accents in the home.

Baumwoll Körbchen
Baumwoll Körbchen

cotton basket

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