"What does myhodo actually stand for?"

My story

I am Holger. The founder of myHodo. For many years I was climbing the career ladder of well-known retail companies. In doing so, I noticed that at some point on my way into management I lost my passion and fire. While at the beginning of my professional life I was a buyer and negotiator with a lot of passion, I suddenly only sat in round tables, board meetings and jour fix appointments. That's why I decided to do something new, something of my own. And believe me, I'm burning more than ever!

My values

My company is more than a job. That is why it is important to me that our foundation and our DNA also match me and my values. Because this is the only way to achieve the best results. Above all else, I am concerned with honesty, reliability and therefore sustainability. Promises (premium products!) Have to be kept - and if things don't work out, you have to stand up for them. For me it is about the people and my partners (mostly SMEs or startups). It's about sustainable, reliable, honest and therefore healthy relationships. And all around satisfied customers. We don't leave anyone out in the rain - come what may. I fully vouch for that with my name!

my motivation

After many years in rank and file and with more and more politics and lobbying, I am happy to make my own decisions and do the right thing. But also to be able to make my own mistakes and learn from them. And then I want to bring a lot of fun and joy into your life with great and unique products. And according to this gusto, we are continuously expanding our portfolio. Step by step .. Believe me, EVERYONE who is happy about our products and gives us positive feedback means a lot to me. And in 2021 we will finally move into our own four walls - which should ideally be financed with this project in the long term.

Private label aka "own brand"

If you think of K-Classic or Tandil and want to run away, we ask you to stay here. For now, at least. Exciting, unique and imaginative products are waiting for you under the myHodo brand. And first the USPs ...! Sounds wonderful? Is also like that. Promise! So far, we have launched products from the sub-brands myHodoBalls - myHodoBags - myHodoZwirn under the umbrella brand myHodo.

myHodo partner

On our trip we have already made countless bonds and concluded many partnerships and collaborations. There are a large number of influencers on social media, affiliate partners who recommend our products on the world wide web, but also first resellers and renowned, satisfied business customers such as Ubisoft.

myHodo customers

Our customers are what drives us. Nothing is more fulfilling and gives us more motivation and drive than enthusiastic customers who link us to Instagram or give us positive feedback from the seller and rate our products. Well over 1,500 customers have now rated our products as well as us as sellers. While our sales force is impeccable, our products get an average of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars, so we are constantly working on further optimizations and improvements.


First of all, there is Doro who helps out in every corner and has made herself indispensable as a "refurbisher" and warehouse manager. In addition, there is now a huge, well-established network of partners and freelancers that I would never want to do without.




Warehousing and Logistics


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