myHodo vacuum storage bags XL (10 pieces, 60 x 80 cm)


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For all situations

Our vacuum bags are extremely versatile. Regardless of whether you want to store clothes and blankets in your own four walls or when you are traveling. The myHodoBags vacuum bags create a wonderful amount of space in the booth or in the suitcase.

Very easy to use

The myHodo vacuum bags require a standard vacuum cleaner and are really easy to use. You can easily close it with the zipper. Then plug in the vacuum cleaner and watch how the air escapes and a 100% tight vacuum is created. Fascinating!

100% sure

The myHodoBags not only create a lot of space - they protect your stuff from all kinds of dangers. Whether traveling or at home, your things are safe from moisture, dirt, insects and bacteria in the myHodo vacuum bags. And smells stay outside. Or inside. According to your needs.


📥 VERSATILE USE: The sets are ideal for storing clothes & organizing as well as for duvets, bed linen, pillows and towels
📥 COMPLETELY HYGIENIC: The double-sealed vacuum storage bags are 100% airtight. Odors, dust and bacteria stay outside as well as moisture, moths and mites
📥 SIMPLY CLEVER: The vacuum bags save up to 80% of the space required for storage - whether as a garment bag or storage bag. This creates a lot more space in the wardrobe and in the apartment
📥 EXTREMELY DURABLE: Robust, reusable vacuum storage bags of the highest quality with double reinforced closure. The extra thick material is BPA-free and environmentally friendly
📥 CHILDREN-EASY USE: Thanks to innovative technology, the vacuum clothes bags are child's play to use. Open the valve, apply the vacuum cleaner, switch it on and a 100% tight vacuum is created


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myHodo vacuum storage bags XL (10 pieces, 60 x 80 cm)
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