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Logbook entry No2 aka Riding-The-Rollercoaster ­čÄíÔČć´ŞĆÔćś´ŞĆÔ挴ŞĆ­čÜÇ

by Holger Friedrich 14 Jul 2019
Folks, what kind of adventure is it up to here .. My emotional world has left no sensation in the past 2 weeks ­čśŤ Drunk with happiness ­čŹż after the 1st sale (to Gerolzhofen ­čśë) Infinitely grateful ­čÖĆfor all the positive feedback and the hell of a lot of likes ­čĹŹ the hell of a lot of purchases ­čŤĺ from you and the damn great feedback ­čĺ¬ A buyer from Austria has ordered 2 times in a row ­čśŹ Proud-as-Bolle ­čśÄ We'll be at the top of page 1 for the first search terms in no time, the seller app escalated last Monday ­čĄ¬ we sell to the UK and even Riga ­č笭čç║ And next week is also Prime Day ­čś▓­čĄę Then out of nowhere .. email from Amazon ­čĄ» The buyer from the UK, about whom I was initially surprised and later pleased, reports a patent infringement ­čĄö In good old Nepper tractor-combine style, he registered the 6x6x6 (aka 0-8-15) standard cube as a design last year ­čÖÇ (It's kind of like claiming the design for a slice of bread for myself ­čÖł) Invalidity proceedings are already ongoing. But it doesn't change the fact that Amazon is suspending my listing for review and I have to fight my way through the mills of bureaucracy first ­čś▒ Conclusion and outlook: You have to bring Prime-Day around without myHodoBalls ­čśĽ but we'll be back soon - I promise Ôťî´ŞĆ
PS - on the #comebackstronger we do without at this point - at Holger Badstuber's we saw what comes out of it ­čśů­čĄĚÔÇŹÔÖé´ŞĆ Bye for now !!! ­čĄÖ
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