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Logbook entry No1 aka every-trip-begins-with-the-first-step ­čĺ¬

by Holger Friedrich 24 Jun 2019
It should become private label business. Or in good German: "private label". If you think of K-Classic, JA, Tandil or Lux (a classic) and want to run away, I ask you to stay here. For now, at least.
Exciting, unique, imaginative, sophisticated (yes, sophisticated) and meaningful products are waiting for you under the myHodo umbrella brand. Multi-level quality assured (of course). Best-value-for-money. And excellent selling propositions. Sounds wonderful? Is also like that. Promise! Ôťî´ŞĆ #Honeman
If you are now at least a little fussy (aka "hotted") I would be brutally happy about a LIKE (plus subscribe) and sharing. Every beginning is difficult - you can help me to get it there successfully ­čÖĆ
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